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  About the              Experience

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Family strengthening through youth development program provides academic literacy, STEAM, mentoring and other enrichment activities to children & families in St. Lucie County. 


Multidisciplinary curriculum that covers science, engineering,  culture, art, health  & fitness, math, cooking, and  literacy.   

Hands on enrichment activities to promote 21st century skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking,  problem solving, communication and collaboration.  

We accomplish this by supporting the child’s school success through our year round extended day academic literacy programs and complementary learning activities which integrate both school and non-school support to ensure children have the skills needed to succeed.

​Evidence based practices and strong program management are incorporated throughout the program  to ensure optimal results for the youth and families involved.  

Support Our Mission


At MRC, we’re committed to building a society where every young person can easily realize their potential and achieve their goals. We believe that providing children a nurturing environment is essential to their overall development. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and through personalized attention and guidance we are essentially providing them with all the resources they need to thrive as leaders in years to come.

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